Here you'll find the main services I offer, along with a list of some of my clients and relevant experience in each.

My language combinations, applicable to all services, are en,pt,es,ca > es,ca, which means I can translate from English, Portuguese, Spanish or Catalan into Spanish or Catalan. Always seek a native speaker of your target language for best results.

Translation: I can take care of your documentation, marketing files, legal texts, brochures, presentations, etc. I have ample experience in IT, Tourism and BIM, among many other fields. 

Review: Most of my daily work is actually related to reviewing translations by third-parties and ensuring quality standards are kept, which includes consistency in terminology, proper grammar and spelling, natural use of language and adherence to style requirements, among other things.

Localization: My translation career started at CA Technologies, where I learnt more than half of what I know today. Ever since, I have worked extensively in this line of work, and have translated numerous websites, software products and applications.

Transcreation: I also have some experience in the department of transcreation, when getting the message through requires to actually rewrite the source text entirely and fully adapt it to the target market.

Subtitling: Ever since my times as student I've had contact with this translation discipline, starting off by subtitling historic short/medium-length films shown at the Filmoteca de Barcelona (Barcelona's Film Archive) and some festivals, and later mostly working on marketing and advertising products.

Language Consultancy: I can provide advice and best practices in translation and localization processes, offer terminology management services, mediation between clients and companies for linguistic requests and other help in this area you may need.

In case of doubt, do feel free to ask if I provide the particular service you need; odds are I will, at the very least, be able to point you in the right direction.