Review image: Binoculars in a frozen valley.
Most of my daily work is actually related to reviewing translations by third-parties and ensuring quality standards are kept, which includes consistency in terminology, proper grammar and spelling, natural use of language and adherence to style requirements, among other things.
The following are examples of my work, although I cannot reveal many of my more recent clients due to NDAs I have signed.

User Interface
  • Autodesk: Review and live build testing.
  • CA Technologies: Linguistic Quality Assurance, mostly for products related to management and SaaS platforms.
Technical Documentation
  • Autodesk: Review and quality checks.
  • CA Technologies: Linguistic Quality Assurance on samples of the large volumes of documentation translated.
Marketing resources
  • VMware: customer-facing resources such as white papers, product brochures and feature articles, as well as a lot of internal marketing like presentations or training materials.
  • I received a Review Certificate from VMware in 2013, which I earned after a skill test on Coud Computing and Virtualization, thus demonstrating my expertise in this area.